Environmental Field Testing Services for Remediation of SHA District 4 Pipe Yard Facility

This project involved the removal of approximately 100 buried 55-gallon drums containing lead-based paint and the excavation of contaminated soil from two areas totaling approximately 67,500 square feet. EBA performed in-situ analysis of soils for the presence of lead during the excavation and removal of the drums and contaminated soil. EBA tested in accordance with EPA methodology using a field portable x-ray fluorescent (XRF) analyzer.

EBA’s test results were used to determine if the excavated soil could remain on-site for use as fill material, or if the soil contained lead concentrations requiring off-site disposal. EBA also performed continuous dust and gas monitoring during the excavation activities to address health and safety requirements and conducted daily erosion and sediment control inspections. Logs of XRF readings and field documentation were provided to the owner on a daily basis.

EBA received an “A” rating from the Maryland State Highway Administration for our services on this project.

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