Lyon Homes Apartment Complex Renovation Environmental Assessment and Lead Hazard Risk Assessments

This project involved renovating the 11-acre Lyon Homes Apartment Complex in Baltimore County, constructed circa 1940, which consists of 23 buildings housing 118 residential units.

As part of preliminary lender requirements, EBA first completed an environmental due diligence checklist, addressing a variety of environmental risk factors. EBA performed a site reconnaissance to document observations related to the building interiors and exterior areas. After completing the checklist, EBA performed a Phase I Environmental Site Assessment of the property in accordance with the ASTM 1527-13 Standard Practice, including a historical review, regulatory review, physical inspection of the property and associated improvements, interviews, and technical report of findings.

EBA also performed a pre-rehabilitation lead hazard risk assessment and lead-based paint inspection of the interior and exterior areas of 22 apartment units. The assessment’s purpose was to identify the presence of lead hazards on and/or in a number of surfaces inside and outside the units. EBA conduced visual surveys, performed dust wipe sampling on some interior surfaces, collected composite soil samples from exterior areas, and performed paint testing using an x-ray fluorescence (XRF) lead-in-paint analyzer. Services were performed in accordance with HUD protocols. EBA was responsible for providing acceptable hazard control options for both interim (short-term) and abatement (long-term) measures.

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