EBA’s mission is to develop professional relationships and provide exceptional consulting engineering services throughout the mid-Atlantic region by understanding and responding to the needs of our clients and by making our commitments count.

By striving to exceed client expectations on each assignment, EBA demonstrates our corporate mandate to deliver results and achieve desired outcomes. We develop innovative, sustainable solutions that focus on optimizing the end user experience. Overall, our clients can count on:

Access to qualified experts, resources, and technology for seamless progression of projects from start to finish.

Responsiveness to each request, challenge, and opportunity, as well as flexibility to meet the ever-changing demands of the engineering industry, enabled by our effective and efficient navigation of regulatory requirements, ongoing relationship building, and situational awareness of today’s obstacles and tomorrow’s prospects.

Extensive knowledge and expertise, supported by continual efforts to capture and share new data and intelligence in our systems, with our clients, and across our teams.

EBA has proven time and again to be the invaluable partner organizations seek to support projects of significant magnitude, serious responsibility, and notable complexity.

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