Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

EBA Engineering, Inc. (EBA) is committed to creating and maintaining a workplace in which all employees have an opportunity to participate and contribute to the success of the business. We value each employee’s unique skills, experiences, and perspectives. This commitment is embodied in company policy and the way we do business at EBA. It is an important principle of sound business management.

At EBA, we live by our core values. We are committed to supporting diversity, opening doors, trading ideas, encouraging innovation, and giving all staff what they need to perform exceptional work in an exceptional atmosphere. Our efforts include:

  • Fostering a personal, family culture of great people to work with.
  • Supporting employee-friendly policies.
  • Seeking diversified capabilities and clients.
  • Promoting staff diversity.
  • Maintaining an open-door policy.
  • Ensuring respect and appreciation for our staff.
  • Offering access to leadership.

We consider our employees to be EBA’s most valuable resource. As a minority-owned business with staff from more than 20 countries, EBA employs professionals with broad-ranging backgrounds, beliefs, values, and experiences. Fostering diversity has supported the success of both our company and our employees.

As employee owners, we also know that we are all responsible for creating an inclusive and equitable environment where each of us is welcomed, valued, respected, and heard. Our open-door policy, which applies to every office, including the president’s, allows for the daily exchange of ideas throughout the company. We are committed to creating a workplace where our differences are both accepted and harnessed to provide innovative, cost-effective solutions to our clients.

EBA is committed to:

  • Creating a culture where all employees are respected and appreciated.
  • Attracting, hiring, and growing talented staff of all backgrounds.
  • Ensuring inclusivity and fairness in our sourcing, interviewing, and hiring processes.
  • Providing employees with the best resources and opportunities to fulfill their potential.
  • Respecting and protecting human rights, both in our company and in the communities we serve.

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