Asset Management

EBA’s enterprise-wide asset management planning services include the development of asset management plans for all asset types, vertical and linear infrastructure condition assessment, asset register development, asset management training, and full GIS capabilities.

Through our experienced staff and strategic partnerships, EBA strives to provide clients with sustainable solutions that optimize operations, maintenance, and capital investments while managing risk and confirming appropriate levels of service. EBA staff are pipeline assessment and certification program (PACP), manhole assessment and certification program (MACP), and lateral assessment and certification program (LACP) certified.

Key Services

  • Asset hierarchies, inventories, and registers development
  • Asset management gap analyses and strategic road map development
  • Asset management framework and implementation plan development
  • Asset management plan preparation
  • Business case analyses: benefit/cost, risk reduction, risk mitigation, and life cycle cost (LCC analyses)
  • Capital program and operations and maintenance activities optimization
  • Comprehensive, enterprise-wide asset management planning
  • Key performance indicators (KPI) and levels of service (LOS) identification
  • Long-range cost projections (Nessie Curve) and rate impact analyses
  • Prioritization framework development based on business risk exposure (BRE)
  • Vertical and linear asset condition assessments

Featured Project

Asset Management Program Support Services

Washington, DC

EBA is providing asset management services to support DC Water’s goal to become a “Best in World” Utility by developing and implementing a world-class asset management program. The project is being delivered in multiple phases. During Phase 1, EBA assisted [...]

Representative Clients

Baltimore County, MD
Capital Region Water
City of Baltimore, MD
DC Water and Sewer Authority
Lancaster Area Sewer Authority
Washington Suburban Sanitary Commission

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