EBA Engineering, Inc. is an equal opportunity employer. We take pride in our diverse population of employees who have come to us from multiple backgrounds and cultures. We are pleased to offer a complete benefits package competitive within our industry. The following information provides a brief overview.

Employee Leave Time

Beginning on your first day of employment, EBA offers competitive leave benefits including paid time off and holidays. Paid time off increases on an incremental basis with employee tenure.

Medical, Dental, and Vision Plans

EBA’s plan covers medical services, dental services, and vision reimbursement and includes a prescription drug plan. The plan is designed to offer both comprehensive and preventative wellness coverage to our employees and their families. These plans are rolled together in a bundle and included in one low monthly premium to which EBA contributes between 80–84%. For those employees requiring only dental, a separate plan is available. Employees become eligible to participate in these plans on the first day of the month following their first day of employment.

Life and Disability Insurance

All regular full-time employees of EBA are eligible for coverage under a generous life insurance policy paid in full by the company. Along with life coverage, EBA also pays for both employee short- and long-term disability coverage in the event of a serious illness or injury.


All employees are eligible to enroll in a company-sponsored 401(k) plan and can contribute to their account through payroll deductions up to the amount allowed by law. Enrollment in this plan is ongoing and participants can access, monitor, and change their contributions and investment direction through a secure internet connection. EBA also offers a percentage match to plan participants.

Flexible Benefit Program

Employees are eligible to decrease their health care costs and taxable income by participating in our flexible benefit program. The plan enables employees to set aside portions of their salary for the payment of medical/dental insurance premiums, medical expenses, and child care expenses on a pre-tax basis.

Tuition Reimbursement Program

EBA encourages its employees to pursue courses of study that will benefit their professional careers. Our tuition reimbursement program provides funding for 3 or 4 credit hours per semester. Approved courses are reimbursed at rates equal to the current resident rates at the University of Maryland, Penn State, and George Mason University. EBA also provides its employees with the opportunity to attend training seminars and short courses required to obtain and maintain work-related certifications.

Additional Benefits and Discounts

Along with our core benefits, EBA offers direct deposit for payroll and expense checks, credit union membership options, discounted membership rates for BJs Wholesale Warehouse, yearly corporate get-togethers, and related professional society and license renewal reimbursement.

EBA is an Equal Opportunity Employer. If you need more information or special assistance for persons with disabilities or limited English proficiency, contact human resources at 240.547.1124.

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