Environmental Management Services for Rock Creek Design-Build Green Infrastructure Project

This project involves planning, designing, and constructing green infrastructure facilities in northwest Washington, DC. As part of DC Water’s Clean Rivers Initiative, this project is designed to control combined sewer overflows to the Anacostia River and to mitigate flooding in Washington, DC.

A total of 79 green infrastructure facilities are being constructed, including curb extension bioretention, planter bioretention, parking lane permeable paving, and alleyway permeable paving. As the environmental manager for the project, EBA is preparing the project-specific Environmental Protection Plan, which includes the Soil Management Plan, Contingency Plan for Hazardous Waste, and Water Treatment Plan; performing periodic environmental monitoring during construction; verifying that site activities comply with the plans and environmental specifications; and implementing field screening and environmental sampling during construction activities.

EBA tests soil samples in its accredited laboratory for parameters including particle size and gradation, texture, nutrient levels, and organic matter content. EBA is also providing traffic engineering and structural engineering services.

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