Youth Detention Center Design Services

EBA provided environmental, geotechnical, and civil engineering services for master plan improvements to a correctional complex in Baltimore, Maryland. Work involved demolition of the Baltimore Pre-Release Unit Facility, renovation of the State Use Industries Building, and construction of a new 61,000-square-foot Youth Detention Facility to house 60 detainees.

EBA’s environmental engineering services included conducting a hazardous materials survey and a customized environmental assessment; preparing technical specifications for the abatement of regulated and hazardous materials and the removal of storage tanks; providing input for cost estimating and bidding; and performing construction administration services, including attending progress meetings and reviewing contractor submittals, work plans, and RFIs related to hazardous materials abatement and storage tank removal.

The hazardous materials survey involved identifying and quantifying building components and other items—such as asbestos-containing building materials, lead-based paints, equipment containing liquid PCBs and ozone-depleting compounds, universal wastes, and petroleum storage tanks—that would require removal prior to demolition or renovation. The customized environmental assessment helped to avoid construction delays through the identification of potential sources of environmental impact to subsurface soils and groundwater including storage tanks, documented spills/releases, and historical industrial property uses.

EBA’s geotechnical engineering services included drilling borings for soil sample collection, laboratory testing, and preparation of a geotechnical report with recommendations for design and construction. Civil engineering services included developing demolition, site improvement, utility, storm drain, and concept plans, along with performing stormwater runoff, drain sizing, and other stormwater management computations.

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