Dundalk Wastewater Pumping Station Force Main Replacement

As the prime consultant, EBA provided engineering services to the City of Baltimore Wastewater Facilities Division to design a 36-inch force main and associated structures and a 48-inch sanitary sewer with manholes and junction chamber. EBA also provided post-award services during the construction phase.

Dundalk wastewater pumping station is one of Baltimore City’s largest pumping stations with an average daily flow of 9 million gallons per day (mgd) and a maximum daily flow of 30 mgd. Dundalk pumping station pumps sewage to a 54-inch trunk sewer using a 36-inch cast iron force main. The existing force main is deteriorating and has had six breaks since its construction in 1941, resulting in severe sewage spills and fines.

To reduce pipe breaks and provide redundancy to this critical force main, the Wastewater Engineering Division decided to build a new 36-inch force main and keep the old force main as backup. EBA designed the new force main and its associated structures. Additional services included survey, geotechnical investigation, environmental assessment, cathodic protection design, traffic control, and field inspection.

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