WSSC Water and Sewer Rehabilitation Program Support

WSSC Water is continuously improving their service areas’ water and sewer systems to address aging infrastructure and repair, replace, and rehabilitate pipelines and other appurtenances.

As part of these efforts, EBA successfully delivered 22 tasks under an $8 million basic ordering agreement for the relocation and replacement of transmission and distribution mains in Prince George’s and Montgomery Counties. Tasks included replacing approximately 191,600 (36.2 miles) of distribution and transmission mains and sewer mains and large meter valve vaults. EBA also developed maintenance of traffic plans; acquired permits; and performed geotechnical investigations and test pits, utility designation, corrosion engineering, and surveying.

Several projects involved stream crossings, state highway crossings, large meter vault inspections, coordination with owners and agencies for right-of-way approvals, tunnel design, detailed traffic control plans, and permit approvals.

As a prime consultant, EBA managed a team of six subconsultants and met all SLBE/MBE commitments. EBA delivered all task orders on time, effectively communicated with WSSC Water, and engaged all permitting agencies early. Overall, these tasks helped improve local water service and updated and renewed infrastructure that will serve WSSC Water’s customers for many years to come.

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