City of Bowie Exposed Sewer Replacement/Protection

EBA provided design services to the City of Bowie, Maryland, to repair and protect an exposed 8-inch cast iron sewer pipe crossing an unnamed tributary to the Patuxent River. On initial inspection, the team found that the sewer was exposed entirely and suspended across the stream channel and that the sewer pipe was corroded. EBA proposed replacing the existing 8-inch cast iron pipe with a new 8-inch PVC (C900) pipe in the same trench, providing protection for the suspended pipe, and stabilizing the upstream and downstream channels with riprap and boulders.

The team performed a field investigation to establish the design approach, including site conditions assessment, field measurements, and construction access determination. Following the site investigations, EBA demarcated the designated area of the project site and provided the necessary information to our survey crew to perform a topographic survey.

EBA prepared a design memorandum, which included the replacement description, pipe protection design, and stream stabilization details. EBA also prepared construction documents consisting of a design plan/profile, permits, specifications, cost estimates, and sequence of construction.

Project challenges included designing an access route to the site that minimized tree removal and reduced impacts to nearby properties. Work was completed on time and within budget.

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