• Direct Harbor Small Watershed Assessment Plan

EBA helped prepare the Watershed 263 water quality action plan for a 930-acre storm sewer system drainage area in west and southwest Baltimore. EBA identified stormwater quality problems in highly impervious areas that drained directly into the Baltimore Harbor and recommended neighborhood restoration opportunities.

EBA assessed residential and community-based facilities such as schools, faith based facilities, colleges, community centers, fire and rescue stations, and childcare facilities. Research shows that even in residential areas, certain hot spots contribute to the majority of stormwater runoff pollutants. EBA found this to be the case and identified hot spots, such as certain alleys and yards, that accounted for a majority of the pollutants. EBA used field and GIS techniques to identify pollution sources and provided mitigation alternatives to address structural and non-structural practices.

Our assessment report recommended removing unnecessary impervious area, planting trees, neighborhood trash removal and beautification, habitat improvements, streambank stabilization, installing water quality facilities, maintenance of existing infrastructure, public education and outreach, and pollution prevention practices.