Intercounty Connector Contract C

EBA provided construction and materials quality control management and inspection, as well as onsite and offsite materials testing services as the independent quality control (QC) engineer of record for this design-build contract awarded to Intercounty Connector Constructors (IC3), a joint venture.

Contract C encompassed a new 3.8 mile six-lane variable rate toll road from west of US 29 to east of I-95, 2 miles of collector-distributor roadway, a 3-level interchange with US 29, a new interchange with Briggs Chaney Road, and a 3-level interchange with I-95. Twenty-five new bridges, with aesthetic elements to complement the surrounding area, were also part of Contract C and more than 2 miles of sound barriers were erected along the roadway.

EBA documented and inspected work performed by IC3 contractors for a wide range of construction activities, including erosion and sediment controls, stormwater management facilities, bridges, box culverts, retaining walls, noise walls, roadway excavation and embankments, aggregate base, paving, pavement markings, roadway lighting, electronic toll collection, intelligent transportation systems, and landscaping. EBA also performed environmental protection monitoring activities on this complex, environmentally-sensitive project.

EBA’s materials testing services were unique as they provided QC material inspection, sampling and testing, and source of supply approvals for the IC3, a function usually performed by the State Highway Administration. Offsite services included inspecting materials provided by fabricators, precast concrete products, aggregate, concrete and HMA producers, and various coatings. EBA set up an onsite AASHTO-accredited laboratory to expedite the sampling and testing of the massive amounts of concrete. EBA’s onsite services included verifying that materials were from approved supply sources, sampling and transport of various materials for lab testing, and onsite materials testing of materials such as concrete, HMA, and compaction testing of soils and aggregates.

This project received the 2011 AASHTO President’s Award for Highways.

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