Kunal Gangopadhyay

Senior Associate

Kunal is one of the founding Principals of EBA. His career with EBA started in 1971 when he joined EBA’s predecessor Ewell, Bomhardt and Associates. Since then, he was instrumental in establishing the Civil/SiteGeotechnicalStructuralTransportation, and Water Systems Engineering Departments of EBA. He managed quality assurance and business development for EBA’s engineering design departments for more than 15 years. Kunal was also responsible for negotiating agreements with EBA’s clients and subconsultants.

Kunal is an active member of several professional organizations, a former President of ACEC/MD, and a Fellow of ACEC. He is a strong advocate of STEM education in secondary schools and junior colleges and serves as a STEM advisor to several educational institutions. Kunal is former Chairman of the Career and Technology Education Advisory Council of the Baltimore County Public Schools. As an active member of the Council, he regularly meets with students to encourage them in pursuing engineering career.

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