Cox Creek Dredged Material Containment Facility Expansion

An economic engine for the State of Maryland, the Port of Baltimore generates millions of dollars in state, county, and municipal taxes and billions in job revenue. Because port operations rely upon safe ship navigation in Baltimore Harbor, the Cox Creek Dredged Material Containment Facility (DMCF) represents a key component of the Maryland Port Administration’s Dredged Material Management Program for the harbor.

To address diminishing capacity, this DMCF multi-year expansion will add approximately 11 million cubic yards of placement capacity. Expansion work includes demolishing former industrial buildings at the adjacent 93-acre expansion site, removing regulated and hazardous materials in building materials and impacted environmental media, widening and raising existing containment dikes, and constructing new dikes.

EBA’s environmental services have included:

  • Design services for the proper handling, abatement, and disposal of regulated and hazardous materials, including specifications and quantities for bid line items associated with the removal and disposal of contaminated liquids and soils, underground storage tanks, asbestos-containing materials, and PCBs.
  • A full-time resident engineer during demolition and construction activities to verify contractor compliance with project specifications, work plans, and environmental regulations.
  • Construction administration services, including the review of contractor submittals, work plans, RFIs, and change orders related to regulated and hazardous materials.

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