Resident Engineer Services for Copper Refinery Demolition

EBA provided construction management/resident engineer services for the demolition of the former Kennecott Copper refinery facility in the Cox Creek uplands area of Curtis Bay, Maryland. The facility was used for copper refining and the manufacturing of copper wire and rod from 1959 until 1995. A portion of the 167-acre facility—with approximately 20 buildings totaling over 1.5 million square feet of floor space—is being demolished, including a tank house building, casting buildings, a substation, and maintenance/storage buildings.

The demolition includes the proper handling and/or removal and disposal of lead-based paint, asbestos-containing materials, PCBs, stockpiles of soil and solid waste, universal wastes including mercury-containing lamps and batteries, aboveground storage tanks, and large quantities of oil and chemicals within the on-site buildings. As the on-site resident engineer, EBA’s responsibilities include the following:

  • Verifying that the contractor’s activities are in compliance with project specifications and environmental regulations.
  • Identifying potentially hazardous materials not already identified during previous assessments and investigations.
  • Completing daily reports that document the contractor’s activities.
  • Administering biweekly progress meetings.
  • Reviewing the contractor’s pay applications and project schedule.
  • Administering and coordinating project submittals, contractor requests for information, and change orders.
  • Maintaining a list of non-compliant items.

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