Green Streets and Urban Stormwater Pond Retrofit Program

EBA is performing stormwater retrofits as part of the Clean Water Partnership, a public-private partnership formed to assist Prince George’s County with Municipal Separate Storm Sewer (MS4) permit compliance to treat stormwater runoff from undermanaged impervious areas. Treatments include green infrastructure, filtration, removal of impervious areas, and green streets. Projects to date include:

Green Streets for the Transforming Neighborhoods Initiative. EBA developed nine green street segments in designated Transforming Neighborhoods Initiative (TNI) areas. Project goals include improving stormwater management treatment with low impact development, accommodating current mass transit and future bicycle facilities where appropriate, and improving the areas’ aesthetics.

The first phase of the project consisted of a planning study. Once final locations have been confirmed, EBA will develop full design and permitting plans for the selected sites.

Stormwater Pond Retrofits. EBA has designed seven pond retrofits with drainage areas ranging from 12 to 287 acres. EBA is providing topographic surveying, geotechnical analyses, hydrologic and hydraulic modeling, detailed design, permit acquisition, water quality credit acquisition, right-of-way and easement need identification, construction documents, probable cost of construction, and post-construction documentation.

Geotechnical Investigations. EBA is providing soil boring, infiltration testing, and geotechnical engineering analysis for green infrastructure, filtration, and structural requirements of proposed stormwater management practices. This includes coordination with permitting agencies and utility organizations.


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