Replacement of Nicodemus Road Bridge over Liberty Reservoir

EBA provided materials testing and geotechnical engineering services to evaluate the viability of the Nicodemus Road Bridge over Liberty Reservoir. The existing bridge was approximately 545 feet long and consisted of six spans supported by five concrete piers and two abutments.

EBA sampled the exposed concrete at the piers and abutments, performed half-cell potential surveys, and provided laboratory testing of the concrete samples including compressive strength tests, chloride content tests, and petrographic analyses.

EBA’s materials testing report described the field investigation, presented the survey and laboratory test results, and provided conclusions including the estimated remaining functional service of the concrete substructure elements.

Collected soil, rock, and concrete samples were transported to EBA’s materials testing laboratory to determine the various engineering properties of the materials.

In the geotechnical report, EBA described the investigation, presented findings, and provided conclusions and recommendations regarding the allowable load-bearing capacity of each foundation and the allowable bearing pressures for the various bearing materials.

As a result of EBA’s materials testing, thorough geotechnical investigation, and additional factors, the city decided to replace the existing bridge with a new five-span bridge.

EBA performed a supplemental geotechnical investigation and prepared a revised geotechnical report with design and construction recommendations for the new bridge foundations and roadway approach pavements.

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