Post-Construction Water Quality Management Retrofits

EBA performed design services and developed construction documents to remediate an existing stormwater pond that received runoff from several buildings, parking lots, and permitted discharges of non-contact water from a chiller plant. The pond had not been maintained or inspected in several years. EBA developed plans to remove trees and shrubs from the embankment, dredge the bottom of the pond, and correct animal damage to the embankment. EBA also developed a maintenance-of-traffic plan.

In addition to the maintenance remediation, EBA designed a wall to help detain inflowing discharge from the chiller plant. Sand filters were installed to pretreat the chiller plant water before it was released to the pond. The sand filters and extended detention time have reduced the turbidity and mineral content of the pond water to below permit limits before its release to Waters of the U.S.

EBA also provided design and construction management and inspection services for green infrastructure stormwater treatment systems to infiltrate and manage parking lot stormwater runoff.

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