Patapsco WWTP Electrical Distribution System Improvements

EBA conducted environmental studies, developed technical specifications for project design and bidding, and is providing construction administration services for substantial improvements to the electrical distribution system at the Patapsco Wastewater Treatment Plant in Baltimore, Maryland.

As part of the design efforts, electrical engineers needed to enter and inspect 30 manholes that had filled with water over time. To enable these inspections, EBA conducted water sampling and waste characterization, required due to the presence of chromium-impacted soils at the plant, to determine efficient water removal and disposal options. EBA also developed environmental specifications for cost-effective management of displaced soils, liquids, and dust generated at the roughly 3-square-mile project site.

EBA’s construction administration services involve responding to contractor RFIs; reviewing daily dust monitoring results; and reviewing contractor submittals including soil characterization data and work plans for the handling, management, monitoring, and control of soils, liquids, and dust.

EBA also provided water systems and geotechnical engineering services to support design and construction efforts.

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