Design-Build Green Infrastructure Project

This project, part of DC Water’s Clean Rivers Initiative to control combined sewer overflows to the Anacostia River and to mitigate flooding in Washington, DC, involved the planning, design, and construction of 79 green infrastructure facilities in northwest Washington, DC. The constructed facilities included curb extensions and planters with bioretention, as well as permeable paving for parking lanes and alleyways.

Project specifications required multiple management plans to address environmental concerns, such as contaminated soils within the work limits. As the project’s environmental manager, EBA prepared plans for environmental protection, soils management, hazardous waste management, construction waste management, and water treatment; performed environmental monitoring during construction; confirmed compliance of site activities with project specifications and plans; and sampled and characterized soils for use as clean fill. EBA also served as a regulatory liaison for all environmental issues.

EBA’s transportation engineering services included determining optimal construction phasing; providing maintenance of traffic designs for work areas; preparing permit applications for DDOT approval; mapping existing signage and markings affected by proposed construction; designing post-construction signage; assisting with determination of traffic impacts; and creating traffic impact/closure plans. EBA also provided structural engineering services that included reviewing drawings for stormwater management and bioretention facilities, performing calculations to determine bracing requirements for bioretention facilities, and responding to contractor RFIs. EBA provided soils testing in our accredited laboratory.

This project—the first of its kind in America—has reduced stormwater runoff into Rock Creek by nearly 20 percent.

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