Padonia International Elementary School

EBA Engineering provided geotechnical investigation and surveying services for the design and construction of improvements to Padonia International Elementary School in Cockeysville, Maryland. The project added 12 classrooms, including a single-story, 9,200-square-foot classroom addition. Improvements also included a new playground, an additional parking area, a new entrance from Galloway Avenue that ties into the existing parking area, and three stormwater management facilities to serve the new parking lot and classroom addition.

EBA performed a subsurface investigation to determine the general stratigraphy and engineering characteristics of the soils at the project site, as well as to provide recommendations for the design and construction of the proposed addition and other improvements. The investigation included seven soil borings by the hollow stem auger drilling method using a truck-mounted drilling rig. Soil and rock samples were delivered to EBA’s AASHTO-accredited materials testing laboratory for analysis.

EBA’s geotechnical engineer analyzed the subsurface data, laboratory test results, and structure loads and prepared a geotechnical report that includes a description of the investigation; summary of the subsurface conditions; recommendations for the design and construction of the building foundations, stormwater management, and pavement design; and requirements for fill and backfill and construction inspection and testing.

The topographic survey encompassed 3.2 acres and included ground features, planting areas, building corners, finished floor, roadways and curbs, elevations, visible utilities, sidewalks, and other prominent features.

The renovated and expanded school was completed in September 2018.

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