Kennedy Street Revitalization

EBA provided construction management and inspection services for the revitalization of Kennedy Street from Georgia Avenue to North Capitol Street in the Ward 4 neighborhoods of Brightwood and South Manor Park.

The project goal was to improve the economic vitality and overall image of the corridor as an attractive destination for residents, business owners, and visitors. The project improved the safety and appearance of the corridor while promoting multimodal transportation and creating a pedestrian-friendly public space.

The revitalization improves traffic and pedestrian safety at the Kennedy Street, Missouri, and Kansas Avenue intersections and provides 13,000 square feet of green infrastructure space. The project included sidewalk, lighting, tree box, crosswalk, trash receptacle, and curb accessibility improvements; 3 bioretention ponds; 10 bus shelters; 280 boxed parking spaces; 69,000 square feet of new brick paver sidewalk; 60 new bike lockers; 20 park benches; and 112 new trees.

EBA performed detailed construction inspections and constructability reviews; inspected erosion and sediment controls, MOT, and utilities; reviewed construction schedules and cash flow; prepared IDRs; prepared change order packages; conducted progress meetings; performed on-site materials testing; measured quantities; reviewed and approved progress payments; and conducted a public involvement campaign.

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