Deconstruction of Maryland House of Correction

EBA provided site investigation, construction document, bid assistance, and construction administration services for deconstruction of the Maryland House of Correction in Jessup, Maryland. The 6-million-square-foot facility was constructed in 1878 and expanded between 1888 and 1993.

EBA developed site and building floor plans and provided utility designation, removal, relocation, and coordination; construction waste management; erosion and sediment control; stormwater management; and structural engineering analysis services. The project also involved architectural, security, mechanical, electrical, fire protection, and cost estimating services.

Environmental engineering services focused on identifying and quantifying hazardous materials. In addition, EBA performed geophysical subsurface investigations using both ground penetrating radar and electromagnetic survey technologies.

Based upon the results of the hazardous materials survey, geophysical subsurface investigation, and the proposed demolition activity, EBA prepared the technical specifications, provided cost estimates, and designed safe methods for hazardous material abatement. EBA also provided construction oversight of the entire project.

As the engineering design progressed, EBA identified inmate training needs and helped develop a training contract. More than 75,000 hours of inmate labor applied to this project saved both time and money. Inmates gained job-related experience and marketable skills.

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