City of Baltimore Chlorine Handling Safety Improvements Project Design Services

EBA is providing design services for the replacement of gaseous chlorination equipment and processes with sodium hypochlorite chlorination systems. Tasks include conducting a hazardous materials survey at each of five remote facilities and preparing technical specifications to include in the construction bid documents.

The hazardous materials surveys focused on identifying potential hazardous building materials that could be impacted by renovation activities. EBA inspected for the presence and quantities of asbestos-containing building materials, lead-based paints, liquid polychlorinated biphenyls, ozone-depleting compounds, universal wastes, and other hazardous materials. EBA performed all field sampling activities, reviewed the laboratory findings, and prepared a technical report with recommendations for the removal and disposal of impacted hazardous materials.

Based upon the results of the hazardous material surveys and the proposed renovation activities, EBA is currently preparing technical specifications for the abatement of hazardous materials affected by the planned renovation as well as technical specifications for project health and safety requirements.

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