Statewide Bridge Inspection, Evaluation, and Rating Services

For more than 20 years, EBA has provided professional engineering services for bridge inspection, evaluation, and rating projects statewide for the Maryland State Highway Administration (SHA).

EBA performs routine bridge inspections, emergency and post-flood inspections, underwater inspections, load rating analysis, and scour evaluations. Work consists of hands-on NBIS inspection of all elements for complex bridges, bridges over railroads/electrified railroads, confined-space culverts and bridge members, pedestrian bridges, etc.

EBA uses a wide array of specialized equipment to access the bridges for inspection, such as snooper trucks, bucket trucks, manlifts, rigging and scaffolding, boats, and confined-space equipment.

To help meet Federal Highway Administration and SHA mandates to update the load rating analysis for all major structures throughout the state, EBA has load rated more than 100 bridges using industry-leading structural analysis software and rating methods.

EBA has completed all inspection, load rating, and evaluation work on time and within budget for all tasks assigned under these contracts.

Complex Bridge No. 21043

EBA performed hands-on inspection of the 23-span, 2,575-foot Complex Bridge No. 21043, built in 1937, which carries US 522 over the Potomac River and CSX railroad between Washington County, Maryland and Morgan County, West Virginia. EBA used snooper trucks to access and inspect fracture-critical rolled steel beams, rhomboid trusses, and deck trusses.

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