Poplar Point Pumping Station Replacement

DC Water’s Clean Rivers Project is a large, ongoing infrastructure and support program working to reduce combined sewer overflows into Washington, DC’s waterways. The program includes replacing the original Poplar Point Pumping Station (PP-PS), which has served the District since 1915, with a new, 55 million-gallon-per-day pumping station. The PP-PS handles sewage flow from much of southeast DC.

Sewage flows to the PP-PS through the existing Anacostia Main Interceptor, where it is “lifted” and discharged into major sewers that deliver flow to the Blue Plains Advanced Wastewater Treatment Plant. The collected sewage is then treated and discharged to the Potomac River.

The project includes constructing a new sewage pumping station, microtunnel diversion sewer, sewer overflow chamber, main outfall sewer diversion chamber, force main discharge connection chamber, and microtunnel gravity sewer to serve the adjacent community. Key project features involve installing 229 H-piles and 194 auger cast piles to support multiple structures, placing over 9,500 cubic yards of reinforced concrete, and installing multiple MEP appurtenances for the future pumping station.

The PP-PS will incorporate green design elements such as photovoltaic solar panels, an extensive green roof, and green infrastructure landscaping components.

EBA provides quality control management and inspection services for the PP-PS’s construction. Our tasks include creating and maintaining project QC reports, reviewing shop drawings and submittals for conformance, performing daily QC inspections of construction activities, documenting weekly QA/QC meetings, and ensuring non-conformance issues are tracked and resolved.

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