Pocomoke River State Park Sewage System

EBA completed a feasibility study and complete design documents for sewage disposal and analysis of the sewage disposal facility requirements for the Shad Landing area of the Pocomoke River State Park on Maryland’s Eastern Shore.

Several of the sewage disposal facilities in the park’s recreational areas had failed in the past and been replaced individually, but the Maryland Department of National Resources (DNR) was seeking a long-term solution that would provide a central collection, treatment, and disposal system for the entire Shad Landing area.

To help select the most effective and appropriate system for the park, EBA studied and analyzed various collection, treatment, and disposal options and prepared a comprehensive report, including a detailed comparative cost estimate for each option.

Prior to final selection, EBA also conducted an impact assessment of the proposed construction on environmentally sensitive features such as wetlands, floodplains, Chesapeake Bay critical areas, and forest stands.

Once the best option was determined, EBA prepared the overall system design for 14 individual septic systems—one for each recreational area, including a marina, a swimming pool, camping grounds, and day-use areas.

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