Patapsco WWTP Chlorine Contact Chamber Rehabilitation

The Patapsco Wastewater Treatment Plant (WWTP), originally constructed in 1940, is part of the City of Baltimore’s critical water infrastructure. The plant has a capacity of 63 million gallons per day and serves nearly half a million people.

One of the last steps in the wastewater treatment process at Patapsco is chlorinating the wastewater, which occurs in four different chambers. Because chlorine had attached on the concrete substrate over time, causing surface erosion, the basins had deteriorated severely. The chambers also showed signs of baffle wall failures and mechanical equipment corrosion. The City undertook a repair and rehabilitation project to repair all four chlorine chambers, including repairing and finishing more than 160,000 square feet of concrete surface and then coating it with a chemical resistant epoxy.

EBA Engineering, Inc. (EBA) was the engineer of record for the chamber renovation project, which lasted over a year. EBA inspected the four chlorine contact chambers to identify the structural defects and selected repair techniques and materials to stabilize the concrete, reconstruct the baffle walls, and replace the mechanical and metal fixtures.

EBA’s design services included developing concrete repair details, new baffle wall details, construction specifications, and a cost estimate. EBA also provided field inspection and engineering consultation during the construction phase. EBA set up an online project site to share submittal documents and approvals efficiently. The project also included cleaning the oxygen reactor chambers and replacing the fiberglass weir boxes.


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