Newkirk Street Reconstruction

EBA provided supplemental civil engineering design services to resurface and reconstruct approximately one mile of Newkirk Street in Baltimore, Maryland. The existing project area was primarily an open section of undivided, two-lane local roadway. This portion of Newkirk Street is in a heavily industrialized area, with multiple railroad crossings, adjacent warehouses, and stock yards. Many heavy interstate tractor-trailers cross the project site daily. High traffic loads led to a severely deteriorated roadway and deteriorated, often unusable, shoulders. Vehicles had to travel well below posted speed limits in some areas to avoid potholes, and only a small portion of the roadway had sidewalks.

The project involved completely converting the roadway to a fully closed section with full-width shoulders and adding ADA-compliant sidewalks, ramps, and crossings. EBA provided utility plans; field inventories; property mosaic preparation; geotechnical investigation; laboratory services; and erosion and sediment control, signing, marking, and maintenance-of-traffic design. EBA also completed contract drawings, specifications, and quantity and cost estimates.

EBA successfully met one of the project’s highest priorities—designing a maintenance-of-traffic scheme that gave tractor-trailers full access to all properties without lane closures. Constructed with minimal disruptions, the roadway now provides improved service, safety, and efficiency for both vehicles and pedestrians.

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