Cloud-Hosted Collaborative GIS Data QA/QC Portal

The Southeastern PA Regional Task Force (SEPATF) recognized the need to develop regional seamless, integrated, and standardized GIS datasets that can support regional Next Generation 9-1-1 (NG9-1-1) location-based emergency dispatch. They needed a shared collaboration environment to support National Emergency Numbering Association (NENA) compliant data standardization and automated QA/QC procedures for progressively improving data.

EBA Engineering, Inc. (EBA) designed and implemented a cloud-hosted platform for member county governments to upload their road centerline GIS data. The system performs automated validation of the source data, performs ETL processing to load county data into a regional NENA-compliant database schema, validates the uploaded data against the NENA specification, creates QA/QC error reports, emails the reports to the counties, and publishes updated web services that can be viewed in an ArcGIS Online Web App Builder. Counties then correct errors between monthly uploads to confirm their data complies with NENA standards.

This iterative, collaborative approach enables counties to maintain their native road centerline schema to support a variety of other transportation uses, while also developing and implementing a regional NG9-1-1 centerline dataset.

EBA designed and implemented an Amazon Web Services (AWS) computing platform and installed and configured all supporting software. EBA also designed and implemented a NENA-compliant database schema, developed comprehensive Python and SQL scripts, configured an ArcGIS WebApp Builder viewer in ArcGIS Online for member counties to view the regional dataset, and prepared system technical documentation. EBA is also providing ongoing hosting, support, and on-call troubleshooting services.

Find out more about how the Southeastern PA Regional Task Force is preparing the region to move to collaborative, next generation 911: click here

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