Beverly Triton Nature Park Improvements

EBA is providing construction management and inspection services for the reconstruction of Beverly Triton Nature Park. Located on the Chesapeake Bay, the park has a mile of shoreline, five ponds, and four nature trails that offer myriad recreational opportunities for hikers, dog walkers, bird watchers, anglers, kayakers, and kite surfers. The park also provides habitat for ospreys, eagles, herons, and horseshoe crabs. Finally, the existing two-lane road in and out of the park has been the site of several vehicle-related deaths and is often closed due to accidents, flooding, and downed trees, leaving both homeowners and park visitors stranded. As such, key project benefits will be improved water access for park visitors, enhancements to help restore waterway health and protect local wildlife, and safety upgrades, including realignment, of the park’s main access road.

The project includes realignment of the road that runs into and out of the park; construction of a new park road, parking areas, and park facilities including a new restroom/office building, gatehouse with traffic counter, shed, pavilion, boardwalk, fishing pier, trails, park gates, fences, site furnishings, playground, lighting, and signage; earthwork; sediment and erosion control measures including stormwater management facilities and storm drainage structures; extension of existing water, sewer, and electric systems; landscaping; and critical area mitigation.

This 12-month improvements project includes roadway realignment to enhance safety, along with construction of stormwater management facilities, utility system upgrades, parking areas, and new facilities and amenities.

EBA’s construction management and inspection services began with a constructability review to identify and provide recommendations for potential conflicts and areas of concern related to utilities, scheduling, and coordination. Efforts during construction include reviewing progress schedules, shop drawings, and other contractor submittals; attending project progress and review meetings; assisting the County to address citizen and user agency issues; and maintaining an accurate log of submittals, materials, and samples.

On-site construction observations involve confirming contractor compliance with contract documents, as well as permitting, testing, and quality control requirements. Additional work includes coordinating responses to contractor RFIs, reviewing contractor change order and pay requests and providing recommendations to the County, and providing closeout assistance.

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