Azteca Cityworks Software Implementation

EBA Engineering, Inc. (EBA), is part of a team that is implementing Azteca Cityworks Software for the City of Philadelphia Urban Forestry.

EBA’s responsibilities include:

  • Documenting and providing a system architecture diagram.
  • Identifying software and applications needed to deploy Cityworks AMS and ArcGIS in the office and field.
  • Installing, configuring, and testing the ArcGIS Enterprise platform and associated core components.
  • Identifying, configuring, and testing the Cityworks organizational structure.
  • Incorporating published services and web maps into the Parks and Recreation’s ArcGIS Online/Portal.
  • Determining requirements for a two-way integration with Cityworks AMS application.
  • Pulling 311 associated data into Cityworks.
  • Leading the configuration of ArcGIS Online/Portal services, web maps, and web viewers and mobile apps.
  • Identifying and configuring Esri’s mobile apps to support data collection and spatial database synchronization.
  • Providing final integration development code and associated documentation.
  • Migrating tools, framework, and code into the production environment for the Salesforce 311/Cityworks integration.
  • Testing and system validation.
  • Providing updated documentation for any changes.
  • Training end users and administrators.

EBA will also provide as-needed support for 5 years after the software implementation.

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