EBA Engineering Adds Six New Hot Mix Asphalt Testing Services

EBA Engineering, Inc. (EBA) proudly announces our expanded laboratory testing capabilities to provide six additional hot mix asphalt (HMA) tests. These tests help confirm the quality and performance of asphalt materials used in construction projects.

The durability and strong performance of this material under various conditions have made HMA critical to the road construction industry. Meticulous laboratory testing of HMA is equally important to confirm material quality and longevity.

The new testing services include:

  • Bulk Specific Gravity of HMA Core (SSD Sample), AASHTO T166 (ASTM D2726), determines the weight-volume relationships and calculates various volume-related quantities such as air voids and voids in mineral aggregate (VMA).
  • Theoretical Maximum Specific Gravity (Rice method), AASHTO T209 (ASTM D2041), which evaluates the maximum achievable density of the asphalt mixture and helps optimize the design and compaction process.
  • Asphalt Binder Content of HMA by Ignition, AASHTO T308 (ASTM D6307), which measures the amount of asphalt binder in the mixture to determine proper binder-aggregate ratio and performance characteristics.
  • Sieve Analysis of Extracted Aggregate, AASHTO T30 (ASTM D5444), which assesses the asphalt binder content to determine the durability, flexibility, and fatigue resistance of the asphalt pavement.
  • Density of HMA by Means of Gyratory Compactor, AASHTO T312 (ASTMD6925), which evaluates the resistance of HMA mixtures to moisture-induced damage.
  • Percent Air Voids in HMA Core, AASHTO T269 (ASTM D3203), which assesses the stiffness and rutting resistance of the asphalt mixture under repeated loading conditions, providing valuable insights into long-term performance and durability.

“With the introduction of these six new hot mix asphalt testing services, we are further strengthening our commitment to excellence in construction materials testing,” said Rizwan Siddiqi, PE, F.ACEC, F.ASCE, President and CEO at EBA Engineering. “Our goal is to help clients produce quality asphalt pavements that withstand the demands of traffic, climate, and environmental conditions over the full service life.”

EBA’s AASHTO-accredited laboratory also performs soil (D3740), concrete (C1077), and aggregate (E329) testing. For more information about EBA’s testing services, please contact Redha Hasan, PE, at 703.389.6193 or


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