• Towson University College of Liberal Arts

EBA served as the geotechnical engineer for the design and construction of the College of Liberal Arts facilities at Towson University in Towson, Maryland. The project included demolition of the Lida Lee Tall building; construction of the new College of Liberal Arts building; construction of a central utility plant addition; utility replacements, relocations, and upgrades; and construction/realignment of roads, parking areas, a retaining wall, and a stormwater management facility.

EBA’s initial geotechnical investigation included 26 soil borings. A subsequent investigation included 7 additional soil borings in order to ascertain conditions at key locations.

Data from the borings revealed that deep foundations would be needed to support the building’s eastern section. EBA evaluated several types of deep foundations and, ultimately, recommended drilled shafts.

EBA prepared a geotechnical report and, after completing the subsequent investigation, a second report with conclusions and recommendations for design and construction of the stormwater management facility, retaining wall, and nearby utilities.

Thanks to EBA’s thorough investigation, expert analysis, and careful recommendations, the team was able to identify and address potential obstacles early on, creating a foundation for success from start to finish.