What Are EBA’s CMI Trainees Up To?

Who are EBA Engineering’s construction management inspection (CMI) trainees? Our unique, one-year training program was designed to help EBA’s engineering inspector/technician trainees learn the ins and outs of construction inspection, construction safety, surveying, materials testing, and more.

We thought we would drop in to see what EBA’s CMI class of 2016 has been up to lately. We found them busy shadowing our technicians and getting their hands dirty as they perform duties like field tests on concrete, soils, and asphalt.

Susanne Bowman has been busy gaining experience as a materials technician in Essex, Maryland, for the past 4 months. She provides concrete and soils compaction testing to support a denitrification facility construction project and upgrades to the Back River Wastewater Treatment Plant (BRWWTP).

Rachel Bridgeman, who joined EBA in April 2015, also performs concrete and soils compaction testing at the BRWWTP, as well as for the Bryant Street Pumping Station and other water main replacement projects in Washington, DC.

Donash Hatami, who joined EBA in July 2015 fresh out of high school, has been busy testing concrete and soils in Maryland at the BRWWTP, Cox Creek in Anne Arundel County, and the Sheppard Pratt Health Systems Campus Expansion in Elkridge.

Robin Jankowiak also joined us last summer and has supported the concrete testing at the BRWWTP. She has also enjoyed working in the field with our survey crews and ADA inspection team.

EBA’s CMI trainees receive a combination of classroom certification courses, laboratory training on testing procedures, documentation and record keeping procedure training, online video training, and on-the-job hands-on experience.

One of the program’s primary goals is for our trainees to get their American Concrete Institute (ACI) Concrete Field Testing Technician certification and Mid-Atlantic Region Technician Certification Program (MARTCP) Soils and Aggregate Compaction Technician, Hot Mix Asphalt Technician, and Pavement Marking Technician certifications. Susanne, Donash, and Robin are now ACI-certified Concrete Field Testing Technicians, and Rachel is a MARTCP-certified Soils and Aggregate Compaction Technician.

Our trainees have also achieved their OSHA 10 Hour Construction Safety, Portable Nuclear Gauge Safety, and Maryland Department of the Environment Erosion and Sediment Control certifications and have completed the four State Highway Administration core training courses.

We tip our collective construction hats to honor our trainees’ hard work! Keep an eye out for future updates from the wonderful world of our EBA trainees.

Would you like to learn a new trade through EBA’s proactive CMI trainee program? Do you have a track record of integrity and reliability? Learn more by contacting Joe Wallace or Kevin Kreis.


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