Environmental Consulting Services for Marine Terminal Projects

EBA provided environmental consulting services, including soil and groundwater waste characterization in planned work zones and disposal options for impacted environmental media, for various marine terminal projects in Baltimore, Maryland. For each task order, EBA developed and implemented a sampling and analysis plan to collect and test soil and groundwater in waste streams, coordinated and directed drilling and field safety activities including down-hole screening for unexploded ordnances, collected soil and groundwater samples, reviewed laboratory testing results against regulatory standards, and prepared a technical report of waste disposal options for anticipated waste streams.

Specific projects included:

  • Construction of heavy lift slabs for cranes and new roller-compacted concrete pavement sections throughout Dundalk Marine Terminal.
  • Installation of the new Lot 94 force main and stormwater management vault at Dundalk Marine Terminal.
  • Construction of the 1st Street parking structure at Dundalk Marine Terminal.
  • Construction of a new pump station near Berth 1 and a new box culvert along 1st Street at Dundalk Marine Terminal.
  • Storm drain installation between Fairfield and Masonville Marine Terminals.

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