Dolfield Boulevard Bridge over Red Run Branch

EBA provided engineering services through the construction phase for the extension of Dolfield Boulevard in Owings Mills. This bridge and roadway extension project involved a four-lane roadway that included a new 420-foot-long steel girder bridge over Red Run Branch and associated civil/site work.

To minimize future maintenance issues and costs, EBA designed the bridge as jointless with approach slabs and weathering steel girders.

As the prime consultant for the project, EBA performed complete bridge design including highway/geometric, hydraulics/hydrologics and scour, drainage and stormwater management, pavement, sanitary sewer relocation, site grading, and erosion and sediment control.

EBA also designed roadway features such as traffic barriers, sidewalks, curbs, and gutters and designed a hiker/biker trail restoration under the proposed bridge.

EBA’s ability to quickly and efficiently incorporate last-minute changes enabled the contract advertisement to commence on schedule.

EBA prepared all necessary plans and permit applications and coordinated with its environmental subconsultant for required wetland mitigation services.

During the construction phase, EBA attended construction progress meetings, assisted with requests for information, reviewed shop drawings and material submittals, prepared redline revision drawings as needed, and performed site visits when requested by the contractor and county.


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