Inaugural Blog Post: Who is EBA: An Introduction

Welcome to the inaugural edition of our blog! We are excited to begin regularly posting to our blog, discussing various trends and issues within our industry and the variety of niches we serve. For that reason, we thought we would develop our blog to serve as a resource. Our aim is to make this informative and interesting for readers while still being brief.

With that in mind, we thought we would start with an introduction to EBA, including a brief history as well as overview of the areas in which we work.

The brainchild of four engineers, a geologist, and a surveyor, EBA Engineering began in 1981 as a small, civil engineering company committed to giving each organization with which it worked an exceptional, client-centered experience that delivered results.

In its 33 years in business, EBA has grown to 240 employees in five offices, providing a wide range of civil and environmental engineering services to public, quasi-public, and private clients throughout the Mid-Atlantic, but its focus on excellence remains unchanged.

When the firm was first founded, our work was in the construction inspection, materials testing, and geotechnical engineering specialty fields. While these practices continue to play a dominant role in the service we offer our clients today, we have expanded significantly over our three-plus decades in business.

Today, we work heavily in the civil/site, water and wastewater, transportation, environmental, and structural engineering fields and also provide surveying services to our clients.

Over the years we recognized the need to have the ability and resources to provide a wide variety of engineering services, which allows us to better serve our clients and fully satisfy their needs. A multidisciplinary team enables additional insight and fast turnaround on solutions.

Our work in the Mid-Atlantic can be seen everywhere – in fact you probably have encountered some of our work and not even known it was an EBA project. Some of our noteworthy projects include: Explorer Road Extension at NASA Goddard Space Flight Center in Greenbelt, Maryland; Annapolis City Dock Bulkhead and Boardwalk Replacement in Annapolis, Maryland, and the Sewage Disposal Study and System Design for the Shad Landing Area of Pocomoke River State Park in Worcester County, Maryland.


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