Celebrating Our Surveyors – Travis Davis

As part of EBA’s National Surveyors Week celebration, senior survey technician Travis Davis tells us about his 24-year career working in the field and his advice for the next generation.

Where are you from?
Westminster, Maryland

What do you do for EBA?
I wear many hats as a CADD technician, party chief, project manager, and IT specialist.

What inspired you to pursue a career in surveying?
I wanted a career where I could work outside and do something different every day.

How long have you worked in the field? What’s the biggest change in the practice of surveying you have seen since you started?
I have worked in the field for 24 years. The biggest change I have seen is the technology, such as innovations in GPS equipment and robotic total stations. Another recent change is the private sector having access to data 24/7.

What’s the most interesting project you have worked on?
The Anacostia River Tunnel project was memorable. It was very interesting to be working 125 feet underground, tunneling under Washington, DC. I also enjoyed watching a tunnel boring machine run.

What is your favorite thing about your job?
My favorite thing about surveying is that it is always making you think. No two projects or challenges are the same.

What is one thing the public doesn’t know about surveying that they should?
You actually do need the math you learned in high school and college.

When you aren’t at work, what are you most likely doing?
Playing flag football, hunting, or fishing.

Why is surveying a good career choice?
Aside from being an enjoyable career, there are a lot of surveying jobs available. Not many people know about and are choosing to work in this field, which makes efforts like National Surveyors Week worthwhile.

What advice do you have for the next generation of future surveyors?
Definitely pay attention in math class!


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