• Emergency Operations Center Incident Management System
  • Emergency Operations Center Incident Management System

When disasters result in widespread road closures and electrical outages, the City of Philadelphia Emergency Operations Center (EOC) helps coordinate emergency response between City department managers and utilities. City executives and department heads assemble at the EOC to map the extent of the problem, manage incident response, and track and report on progress until operations return to normal. The EOC also functions as a media center to share news of damage and provide progress updates. 

To enhance and streamline the EOC’s efforts, EBA designed, developed, and deployed an Emergency Incident Management System (EIMS), a web-based GIS solution developed using the ArcGIS API for JavaScript. The application enables EOC staff to open new incidents, update incident status, group incidents, send notifications, and close out incidents. It helps city managers monitor changing trends over time and communicate emergency status updates to the media faster and more efficiently. 

Filters can be applied to the incident status and incident type to customize an interactive map. A custom dashboard summarizes incident data in charts and graphs.

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